Artist's Hair Studio

Your Hair.......

   .....Our Canvas

Mission Statement

It does not matter if you have straight, long, curly short, gray, black, kinky, blond, bleached, or straightened hair.  It does not matter if you or 18 or 65 plus. We all just want our hair and skin to always look the very best it can without too much trouble.

I believe all women at all ages are beautiful. Looks change with the passing of time. During these changes it is crucial we get the best advice on the care and maintenance of our hair and skin. That is where I come in.

I have had the pleasure to work on some of the most beautiful women in Texas for over 35 years. These women come to me because they know I am going to listen to them 
and give them the absolute best look they can achieve. The condition of all my client's hair and skin keeps improving with every visit.

When a client leaves my salon I want them to not only feel they look better than they ever have, but also to feel they have never been treated with more kindness, understanding, and care at any other salon.

believe when people look better they tend to feel better about themselves.  This is my purpose in life. I work with what you were born with along with wonderful enhancing techniques to reach your full hair and skin potential.

My desire is to make you look beautiful on the outside and in doing so make you feel

beautiful inside too.
Miss Virginia Lake