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Calling All Curls!

Deva cutting is unique for curly hair clients. This service will make all our curly girls love having their hair done. We have been trained & are certified by DevaCurl as Deva Inspired stylists. This training coupled with our lifelong love of our own naturally curly hair gives us a superb skill level for servicing our clients with natural curl. If your hit is wavy, sway, corkscrew, botticelli, curly or combination of more than one curl type, we can cut and style your curls.

Deva dry cutting technique allows the true curl behavior to be seen.

Deva care teaches you how to care for your curls.

No combs are used during your cut to keep curls in tact.

Deva cuts Utilize the head shape as a guide tonsure technical and visual balance.

Virginia Lake Kim Batiz

have both completed training are are certified by DevaCurl

as Deva Inspired Stylist. 

Virginia Lake (512) 799-7690